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Jose Mourinho: Players need more rest after the World Cup

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has called for there to be a longer break for players following their excursions for their nations at the World Cup.

The Portuguese manager will be missing a chunk of his senior players when he takes his squad to the United States of America for their pre-season tour.

Though most will meet up around half way through, Mourinho is concerned not enough time is given for the players to rest after the World Cup.

The former Real Madrid boss once joked how he would like Serbia to get knocked out in the group stages so Nemanja Matic would be forced into an early holiday.

The upcoming Premier League campaign is arguably Jose’s most important one to date since joining United and it’s unfortunately happening after a World Cup summer.


There’s no doubt modern footballers play far too often for their well-being and the travelling alone is staggering, certainly taking it’s toll on many of them.

Mourinho’s cry for longer holidays will likely fall on deaf ears as FIFA and UEFA only care about how to commercialise football even more.

Whether the Red Devils’ international stars will feel burnt-out during the season or not is yet to be seen but there’s certainly hope the squad can manage.

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