Source: Sir Alex Ferguson will be back at Old Trafford soon

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans will be delighted to know Sir Alex Ferguson could potentially be back at Old Trafford for their Premier League opener.

The iconic manager managed to thankfully pull through after suffering a brain haemorrhage not too long ago that threatened his life.

Sir Alex has been recovering at home since after a few days in intensive care when the entire footballing world sent messages of support.

The Scotsman was expected to remain in recovery for quite some time before seeing him back at Old Trafford but it’s been said he’s aiming to return for United’s clash against Leicester City.

Ferguson has been consistently spotted amongst the fans since retiring and there’s no real surprise he hopes to be back as soon as possible.

According to Manchester Evening News, a source told the Sun on Sunday: “He’s [Ferguson] not entirely out of the woods just yet. Doctors told him he’s statistically extremely lucky to be alive.

“At one point things weren’t looking good at all. Since being back at home, he’s been cheered by those closest to him — with the World Cup playing in the background.

“Alex was cheering on Cristiano Ronaldo, certainly more so than England! He’s not entirely out the woods just yet, but everyone is very hopeful he’ll be back to full health soon.”

Some sections of supporters have liked to imagine how Ferguson would’ve done with the current crop of Manchester United players.

Some believe the United legend would’ve absolutely destroyed his Premier League opponents with the kind of investment managers have gotten since he retired.

David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho were all given sizeable transfer budgets and there’s no doubt Sir Alex would’ve loved to have that kind of money available to him.

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