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Luke Shaw: No one really sees how Jose Mourinho truly treats me

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Luke Shaw has chosen to defend Jose Mourinho‘s public rants in his latest interview, claiming no one truly sees what happens behind closed doors.

The Englishman has been criticised multiple times by the Portuguese manager with reports even surfacing at one point stating their relationship broke down.

It was because of this that Shaw was linked with a move away from the club but he’s since made it clear he’s staying at United for the foreseeable future.

Now the former Southampton man has defended his manager as well as claimed their relationship isn’t how most people think it is.

Mourinho is said to have decided the left-back and Ashley Young are good enough for the squad, dropping interest in Juventus’ Alex Sandro.

According to Manchester Evening News, Luke said: “He [Mourinho] knows what I can do. That was one of the texts he sent me in the off-season.

“‘I know what you can do. You can be the best but you’ve just got to work on a couple of things.’ That’s why it pushes me on more. He says these things because he knows I can do it.

“He knows I can be a top player. He knows I can play for Manchester United. It’s horrible at times because people only see those things he says [in public].

“That’s fine because I’m a grown man and I can take stuff like that. I’m used to it. But the stuff inside the training ground, no one sees apart from me. It still gives me confidence.”

If what Shaw says it’s true then it’s a policy that’s quite different to what Manchester United fans are used to seeing at the helm.

Sir Alex Ferguson would always protect his players from criticism and then privately criticise him while Jose has chosen to do the opposite.

Either way, so long as it gets a response from Luke then it won’t really matter what the Portuguese did or didn’t do so far.

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