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Andreas Pereira: My best position is as a number six

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Andreas Pereira has revealed his best position is as a number six following some confusion over where he’ll feature for the club.

The Belgian is a rather versatile player as he’s capable of playing in defensive midfield, central midfield, attacking midfield and on either flank.

Last season he was on loan with Valencia and played in numerous roles as well though he mainly featured on the wings.

However, Jose Mourinho has opted to use him as a defensive midfielder for much of the pre-season tour and it’s clearly a position Pereira is happy with.

Some supporters though believe his flair and natural attacking talent goes to waste in such a role and he’s better off being pushed further up the field.

According to the National, Andreas said: “My best position now is as a number six. Mr Mourinho put me there and he can see things that others can’t see.

“I’m happy as a six and will continue trying my best there.”

Whatever the opinions of fans or even Pereira himself, it’s clear to see that playing him there has worked out tremendously this summer.

The youngster has arguably had the best pre-season out of the whole Manchester United squad, almost forcing himself into Mourinho’s starting XI for the season.

Hopefully Andreas will continue to be given the opportunity to impress once the Premier League begins and he does have the advantage of several of his teammates being missing.

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