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Claude Puel: I am confident about keeping Harry Maguire

by Marwan Harraz

Leicester City manager Claude Puel has been discussing Harry Maguire‘s potential transfer to Manchester United, insisting he’s confident about holding onto his star.

The Englishman emerged as a surprise target of Jose Mourinho‘s following his performances at the World Cup that garnered attention.

Maguire was said to be an alternative to United’s first choice signing Tottenham’s Toby Alderweireld who the club have been chasing for months now.

The Leicester man is thought to be a cheaper, younger and easier target to sign with the London club giving Mourinho a headache with negotiations.

Nonetheless, Puel appears pretty confident that Harry will remain with the Foxes, perhaps a new contract has been worked out after all.

According to Manchester Evening News, Claude said to Sky Sports: “I am confident about the presence of Harry for this season. He is a very good player for us.

“I was not surprised about his performance during this World Cup. We saw his progress during the second half of the season. He was great and played very well.

“It was not a surprise to see him perform well at this level in the international game.

“Of course for us he is a very good player – I wait for him with impatience because we need Harry and we need also Jamie [Vardy] because they are Leicester.”

The Red Devils need for a top tier centre-back is no secret at this point and Maguire could be using the club’s interest to get a better deal with Leicester.

The truth is the defender doesn’t actually fit the profile of what Jose was said to be searching for which is a quality, proven, leader of a player.

Harry definitely had an outstanding World Cup and looks the part but it would be a stretch to say he fits all three characteristics simultaneously.

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