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Jose Mourinho: This is the perfect habitat for young players

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been discussing what the perfect environment for young modern players is, pointing to potential distractions as cause for concern.

The Portuguese manager cited the World Cup as the perfect situation to have a squad of players in since there is no outside interference.

The players are stuck inside a camp for around a month give or take and are solely focused on their football and performances for their respective nations.

Mourinho previously discussed how he may eventually move into international management when he’s older and he certainly sees the appeals of it.

The former Real Madrid boss had also discussed before how these circumstances allowed Paul Pogba to perform so admirably for France.

According to Manchester Evening News, Jose said to beIN SPORTS: “The context is completely different because the World Cup takes one month and for a month the players are in a closed camp, isolated from the external world, isolated from commercial compromises and isolated from every possible influence.

“They are there, they are just for that and the dimensions of the matches is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. They start with the group phase and they feel they are going to the knockout.

“When they have the feeling they can win the World Cup, they close each other. It’s a strong shell, a strong group, and they just think about football so I think it’s a perfect habitat for a young player to grow and to flourish.”

There’s no doubt these things help footballers and that’s why certain players can experience an outstanding World Cup and then disappear back into mediocrity when it ends.

It’s why many people call for their clubs to not invest on a player solely based on their performances in a handful of games in these kinds of tournaments.

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