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Romelu Lukaku: Jose Mourinho sometimes sends me funny videos

by Leo Nieboer

Romelu Lukaku has shed light on a different side to Jose Mourinho, making note of how the Portuguese – just like that lad who always tags you in things on Facebook – sends him funny videos.

The 55-year-old has cut a surly and prickly character over pre-season at Manchester United, prompting rumours of a sour atmosphere in the dressing room.

But the rumours are exactly that – just rumours: Man United’s training camp in the United States was a notably bubbly place, replete with initiation songs and laughs in training.

Speaking earlier this week, Lukaku opened up about a side to Mourinho many would not expect to exist.

“We make jokes,” he said. “He would send me like sometimes good advice, or funny videos, some stuff like that. So he’s really a family guy. That’s how I know him.”

He’s not so different from us, Mourinho. You get the feeling that he despises millennials to an extent – that, to him, the secularisation and globalisation of our modern world has essentially created something toxic. That viewpoint seems to radiate off him like fumes.

At the same time, though, you can be damn sure Mourinho loves a dog video, or perhaps videos of drunk men jumping head first onto a table from considerable height. “Ah, you see, it is Eric Bailly, ha ha!”

I like to think Mourinho holds out his iPad on the team bus for everyone to enjoy videos of Alvaro Morata. You can be sure he sends Anthony Martial videos which at first seem to show a player scoring a wondrous free-kick only to end with that orgasm noise. No question about it.

I’ll bet you anything Jose finds this absolutely hilarious. I bet you anything if I showed Mourinho this, he would piss himself laughing.


And you can be sure the Special One, lying in bed at night, faced pressed towards his screen and grinning, has this bad boy on loop. You’re certainly not alone, Jose.

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