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Paul Ince: Jose Mourinho will leave if he’s not supported

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United man Paul Ince believes Jose Mourinho will leave the club if he doesn’t feel supported by the board.

The Portuguese manager is known for his voicing his displeasure publicly whenever the opportunity rises and it’s fair to say he’s done so regularly at Old Trafford.

Mourinho hasn’t been short of topics to complain about as he’s raised concerns over certain players’ abilities or there mentalities.

However, one thing that has come up recently is how he’s seemingly suggested the United board aren’t backing him fully in the transfer market.

It’s a worry that fans feel strongly about and have seen clearly as there’s only been one major signing in Fred this summer.

According to Paddy Power, Paul said: “Jose has said that he wants to stay at United for life. To be fair, most managers would say that.

“But managers do get frustrated. They want to take the club forward, they want to build and bring players in. He sees Liverpool spending big and he wants to compete.

“If he feels he’s not getting that from Ed Woodward and the Glazers, he’s going to be grumpy. The start of the season is so important for United, they’ve got to get off to a good one.

“If not, it’s going to go back to the same situation as last season, where the fans were on his back. If it does, he’ll say enough’s enough and walk out – or the board might say the same and make a change.”

There’s truth to Ince’s words as there’s no logical reason for Jose to remain at the club and risk tarnishing his legacy.

The Red Devils finished a huge 19 points behind fierce rivals and champions Manchester City last season.

Clubs such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have all invested heavily in their squads or changed their manager or both.

Manchester United appear to be the only team who haven’t taken the summer seriously and they’re running out of time to do so.

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