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Alan Shearer: Jose Mourinho could lose his job because of player power

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Alan Shearer has warned Jose Mourinho he could lose his job due to the way modern football gives players more power than their respective managers.

The Portuguese boss is not one to back down from a challenge and that has sometimes rubbed his players the wrong way.

The two players Mourinho is said to have problems with the most at the moment are Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial.

Luke Shaw was also said to have butted heads with the former Real Madrid manager at one point but the pair seem happy with each other now.

Shearer though has warned Jose to not escalate things more than necessary, believing taking on too many of the club’s stars can end poorly for him.

According to Manchester Evening News, Alan said on Match of the Day: “When you look at Mourinho when he first came into the Premier League, he was happy, he was cheeky, he was smiley, he was arrogant in a good way.

“Every time you see him now, he’s frowning, he’s angry, he wants to row with everyone.

“We’ve learnt from the past that, if he takes too many players on like he did at Chelsea and Real Madrid, then there’s only one thing that will happen.

“If he upsets too many players because of his way then ultimately he will lose his job because the players, more often than not, win. They’re the ones with the power now, unfortunately.”

There’s no doubt players have more power than they did before but the right owners or board will recognise their manager must be backed at all costs.

If a head coach isn’t given full authority over his players then things can quickly get out of hand.

The players can then be the ones who dictate how things go on in the dressing room and no manager will truly have any real control on the pitch either.

Still, taking on too many players can ultimately prove to be Mourinho’s downfall but he does definitely know how to pick his battles.

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