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Video: Manchester United’s dressing room in excellent spirits

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United’s dressing room is in excellent spirits ahead of Brighton and Hove Albion contrary to reports of an unhappy atmosphere under Jose Mourinho.

The club’s pre-season was a turbulent, shaky affair, with ten players missing, others injured, and no new signings arriving compounding Mourinho’s frustration in the United States.

Amid all of that, however, the dressing room has been a notably buoyant place, showing no signs of discord or gloom like many tabloids have claimed.

As you can see here, the recent ‘JLingz challenge’ – which tasks people with performing strange hand tricks on Instagram – was tried out in the Man United dressing room with hilarious results.


What we see in the press and from interviews may as well exist in a different universe to what actually goes on within the dressing room. The tendency to conflate the two is a dangerous one, because it implies we – the public – can gauge the mood of a dressing room. And we just can’t.

Little snippets like these, however, can be comforting. They show these United players to be somewhat like us: fraternising, joking around, laughing, playing music, on their phones a lot of the time. And, just like with us, it is futile to try and gain an understanding of overarching mood of the group.

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