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Romelu Lukaku: I think I’ll stop playing after the Euros

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Romelu Lukaku has revealed his intentions on the international stage with Belgium, seemingly confirming he will retire after the Euros.

The 25 year old was a huge part of his nation’s success this summer where the international Red Devils managed to go all the way to the semi-finals.

Unfortunately for Lukaku they fell short against eventual winners France but it was thought to be not such a devastating thing since time was on his side.

However, it seems the former Everton striker is already thinking of retiring from international football at the peak of his powers.

The Euros is in two years time meaning he would be 27 by the time it concludes but he won’t be looking to feature in the 2020 World Cup in Qatar.

According to Manchester Evening News, Romelu said to Business Insider: “After the Euros, I think I’ll stop. Every big tournament for us as a country has to be getting into the semifinals, and then you go from there.

“You will go to win the whole thing, but you don’t go for less than the semifinals.”

Of course if Lukaku is still with United by then, it would technically be good news for the club since he would give his best years solely to them.

The Belgian arguably has at least three more international tournaments in him following the conclusion of this summer’s World Cup but he’s apparently not interested.

Romelu seemed to suggest the nation is in good hands in terms of the talented youngsters coming through it’s ranks.

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