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Casey Stoney: I thrive under Manchester United pressure

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United Women manager Casey Stoney has revealed why she took the job, claiming she loves to work under pressure.

The club have finally opened a section for the women’s football team that has been given the license to compete in the upcoming season.

United’s female division will take their first steps in the second tier as they aim for a quick promotion.

Stoney is the club’s first ever manager and has quickly worked to put together a side capable of competing in a historic move.

The Red Devils’ fanbase will have two senior sides to follow this campaign and the hope is both can perform admirably.

According to Manchester Evening News, Casey said: “I wouldn’t have took this job if I didn’t want pressure, you don’t come and put yourself in the spotlight at Manchester United if you don’t want pressure.

“I actually work best under pressure when my back’s against the wall and I have to come out fighting, so I want that pressure. As staff we want that pressure and we want game day.

“We want to be in a position where expectation is raised because we want the players to feel that pressure too in terms of having to perform when it counts, thinking clearly under pressure, that’s when it counts.

“So there is the badge and the expectation and the pressure but all of those things for me is why I took the job.”

With the female side of the game getting increasingly popular, Manchester United are arguably late in getting their section going.

Nonetheless, there’s time to make amends if Stoney can get the team up to scratch quickly enough to become pioneers in their side of things too.

The Englishwoman shares a similar trait to United’s men’s manager Jose Mourinho in that they both like to work with their backs against the wall.

Hopefully Casey can enjoy the same success in her career as the Portuguese boss has so far in his own journey.

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