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Jamie Carragher: Jose Mourinho told me management has changed

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Jamie Carragher has revealed what Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho told him after being fired from Chelsea, stating management was changing.

The Portuguese manager recently stated publicly that he feels managers should now be called head coaches instead.

The basis of his feeling was because of how there are now directors of football now involved in the game who deal with transfers.

A manager’s job is no longer one that covers all aspects of the club with specialist people being brought in more and more in modern football.

Mourinho may have also been hinting at his displeasure in not having a say in all matters related to the club.

According to Manchester Evening News, Jamie said: “Mourinho once told me after losing his job at Chelsea how he could see how management was evolving, players no longer receptive or tolerant to criticism even behind closed doors.

“Power has eroded even for the most formidable of managers.”

Those words are certainly true and Jose will just have to learn how to juggle both aspects in order to get what he wants.

It may make him unhappy but if it’s the reality of modern football then he will have to adapt or risk being left behind.

The former Real Madrid man already has claims thrown at him about how he’s a dinosaur now and no longer relevant.

His struggle with managing Chelsea in the second season of his second return to the club was the main reason for those claims to come around.

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