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Mike Phelan: Manchester City will enjoy Manchester United mess

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United man Mike Phelan has warned the club of the power struggle, believing Manchester City will be watching with joy at what’s been going on.

Jose Mourinho has received unbelievable amounts of criticism of late with the mood at Old Trafford as poor as it’s ever been.

United have had a frustrating pre-season and the lack of real action in the summer transfer window has made matters worse.

Mourinho is also said to have a power struggle with some of his players such as Anthony Martial or Paul Pogba.

Phelan has stated City will be taking advantage of the mess going on with the Red Devils in what could prove to be a factor in the title race.

According to the Standard, Mike said to BBC Radio 5: “I think what is there at the moment is fierce competition within the city, and if Manchester United are at loggerheads within the club I think it just helps fuel Manchester City’s cause more than anything else.

“And I think that’s something they need to be very careful of because Manchester City are a very big club now and they’re very well run and they know how to use certain situations, and I think that helps – unrest across the road helps.”

A lot of Manchester United’s oppositions now will perhaps feel they have the mental edge when fixtures are played.

Jose has enough pressure at it is but he’ll have to sort out whatever’s been going on as soon as possible.

Things are starting to get out of hand and it could eventually cost him his job if it continues as it is.

United’s power play is a distraction that they could do without at the moment with enough negative factors already in play.

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