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Jason Cundy: Manchester United should replace Jose Mourinho with Mauricio Pochettino

by Leo Nieboer

Pundit Jason Cundy believes Manchester United’s humbling at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur last night demonstrated the need to sack Jose Mourinho and appoint Mauricio Pochettino at Old Trafford.

The home side begun reasonably well in response to their defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion last weekend, pressing with intensity and creating a number of chances.

But they failed to take them, and soon found themselves 2-0 behind following goals in quick succession from Harry Kane and Lucas Moura, before the latter added a painful third in the closing stages.

Speaking on talkSPORT after the game, Cundy made it clear that Mourinho was no longer cut out for the job and canvassed the idea of Pochettino taking over.

“If I was in charge of United and Jose is no longer the man, which increasingly looks like being the case, I would go and get the best man right now in the Premier League: Pochettino,” he said.

“He is pound-for-pound the best manager, for the budget he has or hasn’t got, and what he has done with that squad since he has been there. He has improved them.

“Can you imagine if Pochettino had the budget that Jose has had at Manchester United?”

Last night was a game between a manager who had not been backed sufficiently in the summer by his board against a manager who had not been backed at all.

It was an evening where the drudgery and lack of direction under Mourinho was made manifest in the face of Pochettino’s crisp, clinical, energetic, well coached Spurs team. He has turned a club always regarded as a joke – a banter club – into a serious force. Mourinho, ever since defeat to Sevilla, has turned this team into more of a joke as time passes by.

One manager had Alexis Sanchez, one of the best in the world, looking lost on the pitch. The other had Lucas Moura, deemed not good enough by United or Paris Saint Germain or indeed Brazil, performing brilliantly and deciding the game.

A dose of Pochettino’s ruthless coaching and sense of direction is exactly what United need, but the chances of the Argentine leaving Spurs – at a time when they are still progressing – are absolutely non-existent.

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