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Luke Shaw thanks Manchester United supporters following Tottenham Hotspur defeat

by Leo Nieboer

Luke Shaw has thanked Manchester United fans for their support during the 3-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur on Monday night.

A quick pair of goals from Harry Kane and Lucas Moura, followed by a late third from the latter, consigned Man United to another miserable defeat and invalidated the promising first 45 minutes they produced.

But Shaw was once again excellent from start to finish, with Jose Mourinho going up to him at full-time to praise his display on the left hand side.

The full-back took to social media after the game to thank supporters for showing loyalty even in the face of crushing defeat.

Even at 0-2 down there was a feeling around Old Trafford that the home side could get back into the game. Mourinho’s side had created chances and continued to do so in the second half. You could sense a spike of energy in the air rarely seen when a team is two goals down.

When the third goal went in, Old Trafford kicked into another voice: a demonstration of support for the players, perhaps, or maybe just a roar of sheer defiance, refusing to be stunned into silence even if that was the natural temptation.

At full-time there were boos, but there were also thousands waiting behind, applauding their team and manager. Mourinho stood in front of the Stretford End clapping for a good two minutes. He made a point of praising them afterwards.

This United team is ever-changing. As things are it is worryingly disjointed, directionless, heading for messy failure. At some point down the line they will be better than this, perhaps even top class, before becoming awful again.

What can never change, however, is the nature of how United fans support their team. This cannot become a fickle fanbase like any other, associated with managerial turnover and infighting. United supporters have always been different in that sense: Mourinho is not a manager many supporters like at the moment but, publicly and when the team is out there, you can count on them to support him. They have to keep doing that right until the bitter end.

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