Sven-Goran Eriksson: Better for Jose Mourinho to keep quiet

by Marwan Harraz

Sven-Goran Eriksson has warned Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho it’s better for him to keep quiet than to argue with the media.

The Portuguese manager has butted heads with the press for quite some time now as the relationship continues to disintegrate.

Mourinho has been heavily, and times unfairly, criticised and the tension has continued to rise.

The former Chelsea man opted to arrive 30 minutes early to a press conference in which he concluded it all with five minutes.

The media would then be caught on camera laughing as Jose asked for respect after the defeat to Tottenham and Eriksson believes it’s one battle one can never win.

According to the Express, Sven-Goran said: “Maybe [Mourinho deserves respect]. Maybe not. But I don’t think he should say it, I think that should be automatic.

“It’s always like that, when you are criticised as a coach – and I’ve been it many times in England, outside England and wherever – it’s better to keep quiet.

“Don’t try to defend yourself because the results defend yourself. It’s only by result you can defend it, and that’s in the paper, read it, don’t talk about it.

“Especially when you start to argue with the press, you will never win. You will always lose because if you are the journalist, you have the last word – you write it.”

Eriksson’s words are a little strange, almost as if he’s telling Mourinho to just give up entirely to the media.

The truth is there will always be a little friction between the two but both sides have a responsibility to ensure things go smoothly.

It’s the job of the press to report the truth and not put their personal opinion into matters while it’s Jose’s job to deliver that truth.

Nonetheless, things appear to be going down a path that’ll only end poorly but for who just yet it can’t be seen.

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