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Alan Shearer: Jose Mourinho will not last at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Alan Shearer does not believe Jose Mourinho will last the entire season at Manchester United.

Many thought another loss on Sunday to Burnley, following miserable defeats to Brighton and Tottenham Hotspur, would be enough to see Mourinho sacked by the club.

But a convincing 2-0 win, coupled with an admirable show of support towards the manager by away fans at Turf Moor, has at the very least silenced murmurs of an imminent dismissal.

Nevertheless, Shearer does not believe the 55-year-old will be able to see out the campaign at Old Trafford.

“He also talked a while back about how maybe he should now be called the head coach and not the manager,” he said.

“That is also a dig at the vice-chairman, implying he has no control of the players he brings in or sells.

“I don’t think he is going to ride this out.”

The 2018/19 campaign remains at a stage whereby it is hard to tell exactly how this United team will fare this season. The early signs: not great.

Two wins, two defeats. Six scored, seven conceded. One decent performance against Leicester, one awful performance at Brighton, one decent start followed by a capitulation against Spurs, and one very good display at Burnley.

The consensus remains that United are somewhat behind the leading back. Tactically, and in terms of personnel and core muscle and overall chemistry, there are more questions than answers. Will they be as bad as Mourinho’s third season at Chelsea in 2015, during which they lost nine of their first 15 games? Probably not.

Will they be good enough to challenge ever-improving outfits like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur? Time will tell, but as things stand: probably not.

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