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Cristiano Ronaldo was “never” an option for Manchester United in summer transfer window, reveals Mourinho

by Harry Robinson

Manchester United did not have the chance to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed.

The Portuguese great, who played for United during the 2000s, left Real Madrid this summer after nine years at the club to join Italian giants Juventus.

Some Man United fans were disappointed to see the club not going in for Ronaldo, who is loved at Old Trafford like very few players are or ever have been.

“Cristiano was never on the table for me to say yes or no to,” Mourinho said. “Never.”

Ronaldo will be coming back to Manchester in just a few weeks, after United were drawn in group H of the UEFA Champions League, which includes Juventus.

The form and number seven will be back at Old Trafford on October 23, while Mourinho will take his side to Juventus’ Allianz Stadium on November 7.

Ronaldo was a talking point both before and after United game at the weekend.

Mourinho side beat Burnley two nil away from home, and his comments on a potential transfer it for an hour in the summer came after that. However before the game he was asked about how it would be for Ronaldo to return to Old Trafford after so many glorious years at the club.

“Cristiano will like coming back as he was happy to come back when he was at Madrid,” Mourinho explained, having been manager of Real Madrid in 2013 when Los Blancos, including Ronaldo, played United.

“But he comes back to do a job for them, like he did for Madrid. He’s still a top player, unless he fails to score this weekend and you tell me he’s not good anymore!”

The last time Ronaldo came back the United, he scored as then Mourinho’s Real Madrid beat Sir Alex Ferguson’s United 2-1 in a controversial game which saw winger Nani sent off for a high boot. If you think he’ll score against United again bu this time for Juventus, lay your bet down using a using a free bet UK.

The atmosphere on that day was sensational, with United fans eager to pay tribute to Ronaldo before the game, but desperate to see their side triumph over Real Madrid, which of course they did not.

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