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Luke Shaw claims he’s finally grown up at Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Luke Shaw has revealed he has worked hard in all areas to grow from a ‘kid to a man’ as he’s worked his way back into the Manchester United first team.

The young left-back was called up to the England squad a few days ago after a tricky last two seasons in Manchester under Jose Mourinho.

Having played very little and sometimes looked out of shape or at least out of form when he did so, Shaw has started this season fantastically and was named Man United’s Player of the Month for August.

Shaw revealed to the BBC that he’s improved his diet and lifestyle, though not in such a large way as people have suggested.

“Of course I’ve had an unfortunate two or three years, that’s in the past and I’m just looking forward,” Shaw explained.

“On the nutrition side, I wouldn’t say I made massive changes. I’ve cut out some of the silly things I was doing.”

Some has claimed that Shaw was having too many fizzy drinks and unhealthy snacks. But those comments appear to have come from a position of ignorance.

“I wanted to prove everybody wrong and get back to my best,” Shaw continued.

“I’m feeling the best ever, not just on the pitch but off it. I’ve gone from sort of a kid to a man now.”

The Englishman joined United as a teenager, and as the most expensive footballer of his age in the country. Signing from Southampton in a hig profile deal and moving to a part of a country he had never lived in before was always going to be difficult.

Combine that with three managers in four years at Old Trafford, a severe double leg break suffered in 2015 and other small niggles here and there, and it’s no surprise that Shaw’s journey hasn’t been the smoothest.

But he’s back in the England squad, in the United team, in Mourinho’s good books and every United fan is delighted to see it. It’s never enjoyable watching a young talent struggle at United, and it’s great that he’s been given a chance to regain his spot finally and now he’s taken it.

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