Dion Dublin: The best is yet to come from Romelu Lukaku at Manchester United

Dion Dublin: The best is yet to come from Romelu Lukaku at Manchester United

Dion Dublin has insisted Romelu Lukaku will continue to improve as a striker at Manchester United.

The 25-year-old has claimed 30 goals in all competitions since joining the club last summer, netting a brace to go with an excellent performance against Burnley over the weekend.

But his proflifacy in the second half, as well as against Tottenham Hotspur and Brighton, shows there is still room for improvement.

And Dublin believes that the Belgian will naturally improve as the years go by.

“28 was my peak, because you’ve made your mistakes and you now know what works for you,” he said.

“He’ll know what kind of training sessions work for him then. The manager will know too because he’ll have been knocking on his door.”

The improvement Lukaku has made to his all round game since taking on the extra responsibility at United – his use of the ball, his positioning, his work ethic and desire to improve – is there for all to see.

Implicit in his game, however, remains a sense of naivety. Top strikers – like Karim Benzema, like Diego Costa, like Luis Suarez – have a certain element of certainty to the way they handle themselves in the box. Their decision making in those tight corners is notably better than what Lukaku current offers.

But at the age of 25, that will all come to Lukaku if he continues to work the way he does. No doubt.

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