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Paul Pogba wants Manchester United to choose between him and Jose Mourinho – report

by Harry Robinson

Paul Pogba is attempting to engineer a situation where Manchester United have to choose between him and manager Jose Mourinho.

The Sun’s Martin Lipton suggested on Friday that Pogba wants Man United to make a choice because he no longer believes he can maintain a working relationship with Mourinho.

Mourinho and Pogba have reportedly fallen out on a number of occasions, although they have reportedly held clear-the-air talks regarding the Frenchman’s future and will not discuss it further until next summer.

Lipton is the Sun’s Chief Sports Reporter and was speaking to talkSPORT about his understanding of the situation.

Paul Pogba is trying to engineer a situation where one of them leaves, and it’s either him or Mourinho,” Lipton told the radio station.

“He’s setting it up as a battle internally at the club. He doesn’t believe he can coexist with Mourinho anymore.

“This has been brewing for months, since last season when he was left out of a Champions League tie and they’ve never healed the rift. Clearly, there’s an issue.

“Pogba wants the club to bend over backwards to show their fealty to him, and if the club does that it will alienate Mourinho.”

It is unsurprising and a classic example of a player with a big ego and a large reputation crossing horns with a manager of a similar ilk. Mourinho is well-known to enjoy conflict and make the most of it, whether that’s with the media, his players, other managers or elsewhere.

If that is what Pogba is doing, then it’s an interesting tactic. United’s Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward may side with Pogba, who was a marquee signing in 2016 from Juventus and could last longer than Mourinho, whose position has look unstable at times.

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