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Edwin van der Sar insists he won’t make return to Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Former-Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar has rejected any suggestions that he could return to the club in a new role.

With Man United reportedly looking for a new technical or sporting director to assist Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward on transfers and football matters.

Woodward is extremely skilled as the man running the commercial side of United. But he has been guilty of lacking long-term planning at the club, with his managerial appointments and signings frequently not matching each other in style.

Van der Sar has been working as a director for Ajax in the Netherlands and because of his past links with the club, he was rumoured to be a possible candidate to come into a new role at Old Trafford.

Now 47, van der Sar rubbished those reports.

“I saw it (the report) a few weeks ago in the press, but that story about United is nonsense,” van der Sar said, as per Sky Sports.

“I think I have a two-year contract. Ajax is my club and I would like to stay longer. The success we strive for and want to achieve is beautiful.”

It’s clear from van der Sar’s comments that he has no burning desire to come to United, and certainly does have such a desire to remain at Ajax and in his home country of the Netherlands.

It also seems that reports linking the Dutchman were purely because he is a former-United player who now works in a similar role. Yet van der Sar is tasked with mainly commercial matters at Ajax, and is not the kind of ‘sporting director’ that United appear to be looking for.

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