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Jerome Boateng reveals why he rejected Manchester United offer from Mourinho in summer

by Harry Robinson

Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng has confirmed reports that he was a target of Manchester United in the summer transfer window.

Manager Jose Mourinho was desperate to sign a new centre-back in summer and the situation grew more desperate as the deadline loomed.

Boateng was one of many names linked with the Reds, with Harry Maguire of Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur’s Toby Alderweireld two of the most prolific names mentioned.

The German defender has revealed he rejected an approach from Mourinho and Man United.

“I had enquiries from Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United,” Boateng explained to Bild.

“I did not want just to get away from Bayern, but I was thrilled to try a new challenge.

“I feel well at Bayern. It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Despite Boateng being excited and intrigued by a new challenge and a new club, he rejected Mourinho.

“I called Jose Mourinho, I told him that his interest was an honour for me and thanked him for trying so hard for me,” Boateng said.

“I explained to Jose that it’s difficult to leave Bayern, and if I do, everything has to be in place to top this club.”

At United, most would argue that everything is not in place to top Bayern. Many things are a mess, and it’s telling that a player knows that as well and that it stopped United getting one of their targets.

There is no longer-term strategy at United from board level, and no ambition either. Mourinho provides the ambition, the board seem content with top four rather a title. That’s left United without a title for five years, and so it’s no surprise an older player like Boateng would risk missing out on potential titles at Bayern to join United.

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