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Graeme Souness claims Paul Pogba treats football as “a bit of a joke” after Young Boys win

by Leo Nieboer

Graeme Souness’ campaign to destroy his credibility as a pundit took another significant step forward following his latest baseless attack on Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman performed superbly for Manchester United in their 3-0 win over Swiss champions Young Boys in the Champions League.

He added two goals before the break – the first a beautiful strike from outside the box – and supplied an assist for Anthony Martial in the second half to round off a dominant evening.

But Souness, stewing in some corner of the world, still had time to somehow lay into Pogba after what was a talismanic performance from the 25-year-old.

“If he wants to become a star, someone that can run games and someone people talk about like a proper player, he has to show consistency and leadership,” he said.

“He has the armband now and he has got to change his attitude – to football. I bet he is a really nice guy but I wonder if he treats football as a bit of a joke.

“I wonder if he trains properly every day, that is a stab at the dark at something that could improve.”

You get the feeling that this whole spiel has gone beyond parody. Souness, through his hatred for the World Cup winner, has become a pundit whose entire public identity now revolves around this skewed obsession with Pogba. It is now his niche. If Pogba retired tomorrow, Souness would be out of a job.

And let us confirm: Souness does not have this much hatred for Pogba because of footballing reasons; he abhors Pogba because, to him, the Frenchman represents a way of living and thinking which he cannot – nay, refuses to – understand, and therefore finds him scary and unsettling.

That claim Pogba doesn’t train properly? Totally, totally baseless – nothing different to the bigoted slurs of your drunk grandad at Christmas. It’s almost as if Pogba hasn’t won the World Cup and started games for Massimiliano Allegri, Antonio Conte, Jose Mourinho and Didier Deschamps. But yeah, football is a ‘joke’ to him.

Souness, very quickly, is becoming a very bad and boring joke.

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