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Manchester United want summer transfer window extended to end of August – report

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United have been leading a campaign from Premier League clubs to pressure league chiefs into extending the length of the summer transfer window, according to reports.

The club last year voted against an ultimately successful motion to push the transfer deadline forward to August 8, the day before the Premier League season begun, which left a three week window whereby English clubs could sell but not buy players.

A combination of the World Cup and the early deadline had negative implications on transfer business for Man United, whose only major signing was Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk.

And according to the Daily Mail, United are among several Premier League clubs campaigning to league officials to revert the deadline back to August 31, the traditional deadline date for clubs across Europe.

The thinking behind the early deadline was fair enough. Nobody enjoys those first three weeks of league football where everything remains in flux, the season not properly started but more suspended in a miasma of conditionals and speculation.

But doing it on a World Cup year left high profile clubs like United – who had ten players at the World Cup plus Fred – racing against time to get deals done. Other clubs from Europe knew that, and they took advantage.

This measure can only be successful if it is implemented everywhere. Spain, Germany, Portugal, Russia, France and Turkey all close their windows on August 31. In Italy it is a week earlier.

Having a three week period during which you cannot buy players but others teams can seems even worse than the usual three weeks of flux which has traditionally greeted the start of a new campaign.

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