Jose Mourinho: I knew Phil Jones would miss penalty against Derby County

Jose Mourinho: I knew Phil Jones would miss penalty against Derby County

Jose Mourinho noted after Manchester United’s defeat to Derby County in the League Cup that he expected Phil Jones to miss a decisive spot-kick.

An abysmal second half saw Man United go from 1-0 up to relying on a late Marouane Fellaini header to take the game to a penalty shootout.

Eight Derby players scored. Seven United players – including new signing Diogo Dalot – stepped up an also scored. Jones, on the other hand, did not.

Speaking after the game, Mourinho helpfully noted that he didn’t think Jones or Bailly, who was presumably next, would score.

I am likewise not surprised that Jones – who only seems able to score own goals – missed his penalty. But this is one of those quotes which, projected up against the entirety of the evening, just boils your blood.

So much happened between Juan Mata opening the scoring after three minutes and Jones shanking his penalty. So much. It was one of those nights that felt like an eternity, such is the excruciating nature of Mourinho’s football – namely his complete lack of tactical nous going forward.

Long gone are the days when United, with a few quick goals, breezed past their opponent, and hardly thought anything of it.

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