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Dimitar Berbatov “fed up” with Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba saga

by Leo Nieboer

Dimitar Berbatov has vented his anger at the ongoing feud between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba at Manchester United.

The pair’s relationship has been strained since around January and has intensified Mourinho’s comments on Pogba’s performances at the World Cup.

Their standoff has reached new heights this week: Mourinho, following Pogba’s remarks in the wake of the Wolves game, stripped the Frenchman of the vice-captaincy, and was videoed yesterday having a frosty exchange with him on the training ground.

And Berbatov, speaking earlier today, has seen enough, criticising Mourinho and Pogba engaging in a battle of “who has the biggest d***.”

“As someone who wants Manchester United to do well, I’m fed up of waking up and seeing these headlines,” he said. “Football should be about what happens on the pitch, not who has the biggest d***. It’s a stupid situation.”

Berbatov is absolutely right here. This entire situation is stupid. More importantly, it is eroding the club’s image and creating an atmosphere of chaos, of messiness, at a time when focus needs be on the pitch.

This situation would not have occurred if, firstly, United were winning games and, secondly, if Mourinho was not playing a form of football everyone hates. Either way, both parties are guilty: Pogba’s public remarks since the summer have not helped anything, and Mourinho is being classic Mourinho. Airing your dirty laundry never looks good and that is exactly what’s happening. It needs to stop.

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