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Guardian: Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho’s training ground dispute has been resolved

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho‘s training dispute on Wednesday morning was based on a misunderstanding and has now been resolved, according to the Guardian‘s Jamie Jackson.

Footage emerged the day after Manchester United’s defeat to Derby County which showed Pogba and Mourinho, not long after the manager had stripped the Frenchman of the vice-captaincy, having a notably frosty interaction.


As it turned out, Mourinho wanted to know whether an Instagram story posted by Pogba, in which he is smiling with other rested teammates in a private box, was posted during or after the game.

And according to Jackson, the midfielder told Mourinho that the video had been taken during the game but, as a result of Old Trafford’s poor wifi connection (it is awful), was only sent out once he had left the stadium. Both parties consider the issue resolved.

The video in question does actually show, quite clearly, both teams on the pitch during the first half – when United were winning and seemingly heading for an unassailable position.

Mourinho could have gauged this. He probably did. He could have also talked to Pogba about this in private, behind closed doors. But he decided to make a scene where there were cameras. He wanted all of this to happen.

And as a result, there is greater chaos at Old Trafford at a time when the club needs stability. People are angry at Pogba. Some people are angry at Mourinho. More and more people are seeing this club as an oscillating mess, eating itself alive and going in circles while other clubs march inexorably forward.

It is most definitely a testing time to be a United fan.

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