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Video: Paul Pogba in good spirits despite feud with Jose Mourinho

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has posted a video of himself enjoying life on the way home from training amid his feud with Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

A video of the Frenchman having a frosty dispute with Mourinho emerged on Wednesday morning which, despite being now resolved, was a powerful indication of his fractured relationship with the manager.

Reports have since emerged claiming that Pogba, regardless of whether Mourinho stays or not, wants to join Barcelona in the near future after attracting attention in the summer.

Amid all of that, though, Pogba seemed to be in top spirts as he drove home in the Manchester sun today.


Everything Mourinho does is planned. That entire training ground fiasco, which happened to occur when the cameras were there, was something the 55-year-old certainly deliberated. He does the same with press conferences and indeed how his team plays.

It is hard to discern whether the same goes for Pogba. He does not strike you as particularly cold-blooded or scheming. Not in the same way as Mourinho.

Perhaps this video isn’t a message then. Perhaps this is just a video of Pogba enjoying his life. Then again: perhaps that is a message in itself.

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