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Paul Ince attacks Pogba and Mourinho’s unprofessionalism at Manchester United in recent spat

by Harry Robinson

Former-Manchester United player Paul Ince has slammed José Mourinho and midfielder Paul Pogba for dragging the club through the mud in the last few weeks.

Pogba and Mourinho were caught on camera exchanging words of anger during a training session the day after Man United were beaten by Championship side Derby County in the League Cup third round on penalties.

Ince believes midfielder Pogba should have shown more professionalism in dealing with his frustration towards manager Mourinho, while the Portuguese should’ve done similar.

The 50-year-old revealed that he had had times in his career at Old Trafford where he had fallen out with Sir Alex Ferguson, but he had not made such feelings public. Of course, football is very different today with the introduction of social media’s importance.

“The fact is, not everyone has to be best friends. Believe me, not everyone got on with Sir Alex,” Ince insisted, writing for Paddy Power.

“There were times in my career where I couldn’t stand Fergie, I didn’t like him or want to talk to him – that’s part of having a boss and being a player.

“Not every player is going to like their manager all the time. It’s not about the dislike for each other, it’s about the fact you’re playing for a team and you should want to put that aside and win games.

“It shows a complete lack of professionalism from both of them. You’re off the back of a bad defeat, you know the cameras are there, and you both know full well who they’re focusing on.

“I said weeks ago that someone needed to put the situation to bed. No one is bigger than United, yet somehow Pogba thinks he is. There’s an issue between them for a long time, it’s been allowed to spiral out of control and get into the mess it’s in now.

“He’ll [Pogba] be gone in January. There’s talk of Mourinho going before him, but I’d be disgraced if Ed Woodward allowed that to happen. If you do that, you’re essentially allowing a player to become bigger than the manager and the rest of his team.”

Pogba’s comments at United since the end of last season have certainly been inflammatory, and unnecessarily so. Mourinho was right to remove the Frenchman as vice-captain. However, the United boss could have shown better man management skills in how he treated the situation.

In an already turbulent time for United, it wasn’t sensible to publicly remove Pogba as vice-captain and to begin yet another dispute about the player’s future at the club. Mourinho hasn’t learnt from his mistakes at Chelsea and Real Madrid, where he fell out with players like Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Sergio Ramos.

He has to show better man management skills to avoid another inflammation of the situation and allow United to have a positive season.

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