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Jose Mourinho is getting himself sacked by trying to take on Pogba at Manchester United

by Harry Robinson

Alan Shearer believes Jose Mourinho is making an all-too-familiar mistake in trying to take on certain Manchester United players publicly.

Mourinho and star midfielder Paul Pogba have been subtlety fighting a war in the media, and Shearer thinks it will only end badly for the Man United manager.

Like Pogba currently at United, Mourinho fell out with legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas and world-class defender Sergio Ramos while at Real Madrid as well as Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas at Chelsea in his second spell as manager in London.

Mourinho has insisted in the media that his relationship with Pogba is good, despite stripping the Frenchman of the vice-captaincy at the start of this week.

“Jose has taken on his players before at Chelsea and we know how that ended, he was shown the door, and I think the same outcome will happen here,” Shearer told Coral.

“Players are very powerful now. Pogba has a huge contract behind him, they can’t sell him for the next two months and Mourinho isn’t getting results on the pitch.

“Mourinho has tried everything to get it to work with Pogba. He gave him the captaincy but that didn’t work. He has now come out and criticised him publicly.

“In Jose’s defence, he has had to do something because if the player is causing problems behind the scenes, he can’t just sit back and let it go on.”

Mourinho was probably right to take the vice-captaincy away from Pogba. The World Cup winner is making mildly inflammatory comments about the club and the manager far too often to be considered captain material.

His performances are inconsistent even though he’s the best outfield player at the club, and he doesn’t seem to have the same leadership abilities at United as he did in France’s glorious World Cup campaign in the summer.

However, Mourinho didn’t handle the situation as well as he could have done. With training being filmed, Mourinho said something to Pogba which sparked a minor confrontation. That made headlines, of course.

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