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Manchester United are suffering from internal “war” this season, suggests Paul Scholes

by Harry Robinson

Manchester United are club with an internal “war” stretching right through them at the moment, according to ex-midfielder Paul Scholes.

The club legend, now a BT Sport pundit, was dismayed by Man United’s 3-1 defeat to West Ham on Saturday lunchtime. It signalled the worst start to a Premier League season in United’s history.

Scholes believes there are mini-wars going on between a number of individuals at Old Trafford. Manager Jose Mourinho seemingly challenged the club’s board during the summer after inactivity in the transfer market. Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward, who is in charge of transfers, failed to bring in a centre-back or a right-winger as Mourinho has requested.

Meanwhile, Mourinho is now fighting with star midfielder Paul Pogba, who has often underperformed since his £89 million move to the club in 2016. But at the same time, he’s United’s best outfield player.

“At the minute, this club seems to be in a bit of a mess,” Scholes told BT Sport.

“It seems like a war right throughout the club. It’s from Woodward to Mourinho and Mourinho to his players. The players look unstable.”

Few people have labelled it in such a way so far, but Scholes is accurate in what he says. United is a club in turmoil at the moment. The in-fighting is ridiculous and runs right throughout the club, from the players, the coaches and the board.

It’s a disgrace that there is no one to reduce the tension at the club and sort out any problems between manager and players or manager and the board. A Director of Football is a possible solution, but the key issue is that United is a club run by a group of non-football people who are actually bankers and accountants looking to make money.

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