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Steve Bruce: There could be anarchy at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Steve Bruce has warned his former club Manchester United and potentially Jose Mourinho that there could be anarchy if things are allowed to become a ‘free-for-all’.

Matters have continued to go from bad to worse for the Portuguese manager and his players as they experience a terrible start to the season.

Only seven games have been played but United are already stuck in mid-table and are nine points away from the league leaders.

Bruce is concerned the current struggle for power could make their current situation permanent and believes someone needs to be held accountable.

Fans are split over whether Mourinho, Paul Pogba, Ed Woodward or even the players are to blame for the ongoing mess.

According to Sports Mole, Steve said: “Let’s not kid ourselves, to a certain degree, player-power has always been there but there has to be respect between any player and manager.

“I worked under the master, Sir Alex Ferguson. He had that respect. As ­players, we didn’t always like it – but we respected him.

“And if that relationship doesn’t exist any more… well, the lunatics will be running the asylum.

“It becomes a ­free-for-all. One person has to be ­accountable because, if that’s not the case, I can guarantee that the club – and that’s any club, not just ­Manchester United – will have ­problems. It could be anarchy.”

This is where the board or Ed Woodward come in and where their decision making really is key.

They have the choice to back the manager no matter what to avoid a power struggle or they have the choice of getting rid of Mourinho since the results have been poor.

Fans are concerned the way the season has gone so far that it could be similar to Chelsea’s disappointing campaign a few years back when he left them just a single point away from relegation by December.

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