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Didier Deschamps: Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is a leader

by Marwan Harraz

France manager Didier Deschamps has insisted Manchester United star Paul Pogba is a leader after being stripped away from the vice-captain post by Jose Mourinho.

The midfielder has worn the captain’s armband multiple times so far this season but will no longer be considered for it when Antonio Valencia isn’t on the field.

The Ecuadorian was named captain due to his longevity at United as well as due to his seniority over the other players.

Deschamps though is clearly confused over why Pogba is no longer being considered given how he was a leader for France over the summer.

Many fans point to the former Juventus man’s feud with Mourinho as the reason for the captaincy being stripped away from him.

According to the Daily Mail, Didier said: “He has taken many things upon himself. He has been a leader. Each time he had to talk and express himself it was always very positive.

“It’s the words he uses and the atmosphere and feeling that comes across. He is not the only one but he is one of the leaders who took it upon himself because the group needed it.

“On the pitch he did what needed to be done as well.”

There’s no doubt whatever personal problems between the two that are ongoing, Paul can fight for the captaincy if he wants.

The Frenchman can prove he’s a leader out on the field by performing to a high standard consistently but unfortunately he hasn’t done that so far.

Supporters aren’t too bothered with the news due to Pogba’s ongoing flirtations with Barcelona over a potential move.

Fans feel he’s disrespected the club and not just the manager with some even calling for him to be sold.

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