Rui Faria: No regrets over Manchester United departure

by Marwan Harraz

Rui Faria has insisted he has no regrets over his decision to part ways with Manchester United in order to take a sabbatical.

The Portuguese was an assistant manager to Jose Mourinho with the pair having worked together since the start of the latter’s career.

The former Chelsea manager is without his right-hand man for the first time ever and it hasn’t looked too good so far.

Faria though is pleased with his break from football, stating he just wanted to enjoy doing simple things with his family.

Mourinho opted against replacing his loyal friend and instead rejigged his backroom staff so it could work without an assistant manager.

According to Manchester Evening News, Rui said: “I felt the decision was about my family, they had been very patient with me for all these years and it was time for me to think more of them.

“I don’t need to go to New York, Barcelona [on sabbatical]. I just wanted to do the basic stuff as a father, have breakfast with them every morning, dinner with them every night, listen to them.

“I remember moments when I was working and they were speaking to me but my head was in another place, worries with my work, and I knew I was being unfair to them.

“They are 10, 11, 13 only once and this goes so quickly and you lose everything. I wouldn’t have seen anything if I’d not stopped.

“I took the opportunity to show them Portugal, they had been in Madrid, Milan or London, but not Portugal. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision.”

Some fans claimed Jose left the assistant manager position open for someone amongst the staff to win it instead.

Michael Carrick has become a United coach since last season and Kieran McKenna has been promoted from the youth team as well.

Either one can prove themselves to be an apt number two but it’s the former who has been tipped to do so.

It’s believed Carrick still needs more coaching qualifications before he can do so however but fans would love to see him work more closely with Mourinho.

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