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Jose Mourinho: I don’t care about Paul Scholes’ criticism

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has insisted he does not care about the criticism levelled towards him by Paul Scholes before Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Valencia in the Champions League.

The former Man United midfielder launched a scathing tirade of anger towards Mourinho before the game, noting he was surprised he was still in a job after Saturday’s draw with West Ham United.


Speaking after the game, Mourinho – having done so before – did not express an interest in picking a fight with Scholes.

The 55-year-old would have been on the team coach when Scholes launched his harangue, and you can be sure that the bus – once again delayed in true post-Fergie era fashion – was playing BT Sport, with Mourinho closely watching, storing the words of Scholes in his head.

What Scholes said was absolutely right. Mourinho, for some time, has pointed the finger at everyone but himself, creating imaginary enemies and making plenty of real ones.

Scholes uses the words ’embarrassing’ to depict United’s situation. And that is not wrong. A better word, though, would be ‘toxic’.

The whole game – before, after and during – felt impregnated with toxicity, of fatalism, of sheer deflation among supporters and players alike. It is a sad time to be a United supporter.

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