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Manchester United fans hammer Antonio Valencia’s performance vs Valencia

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans were clearly furious with Antonio Valencia‘s performance in the Champions League fixture against Valencia.

The Ecuadorian captained his side for the clash but didn’t put in a leader’s performance at all, especially when it was heavily needed.

Antonio started in his usual position in right-back but supporters are quickly getting frustrated by how little he offers.

He simply doesn’t show the confidence one would expect from a former winger and Diogo Dalot must be licking his lips at the prospects of winning the position over.

Time isn’t on Valencia’s side and he could quickly lose his spot given how his form has disintegrated completely.



The former Wigan man can’t seem to do anything right as he often fails to deliver a telling cross or beat his man.

In terms of defending his man-marking isn’t great and he’s not making enough of a case to continue being selected.

Given how he’s the captain though, Mourinho may not be keen on dropping him.

The Portuguese manager also wanted to slowly integrate Dalot into the side so that he can adjust well to his new surroundings.

Fans will be keen to see the youngster consistently put on the famous red shirt and have called on Valencia to be moved on.

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