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Glazer family still backing Jose Mourinho as Manchester United manager – report

by Leo Nieboer

The Glazers, who own Manchester United, are still in support of Jose Mourinho as manager despite the team’s poor start to the 2018/19 season, according to ESPN.

Defeats to Brighton, Tottenham Hotspur, Derby County and West Ham United, coupled with draws against Wolves and Valencia, have created a toxic atmosphere among supporters and depleted the squad’s confidence.

Ed Woodward remains reluctant to push the button: Man United would have to pay Mourinho somewhere around £12m as a severance package and there are no viable replacements available.

According to ESPN‘s Mark Ogden, the Glazer family – who own 98% of the club’s shares – are aware of the tension in the dressing room but nonetheless believe Mourinho can restore a sense of calm with a solid run of results to kick-start the club’s season.

This is what you would call a business decision, at least insofar as quick, reactive decisions do not constitute good business and certainly do not help share prices.

Ed Woodward, a businessman, is in charge of the football side of things at United and, surprisingly, has run this club as if it were business first and football team second. That is why Mourinho, even if results worsen, is unlikely to be sacked any time soon.

From a football perspective, Mourinho would be sacked tomorrow. The situation he has created is irreversible; there is simply no chance of the team recovering from the slump they are in. Anybody who watches football regularly can see that this Mourinho team – tactically and in terms of spirit – is finished, devoid of the strategy or will to haul itself out of the current situation.

It is indeed a criminal shame that, ultimately, business decisions rule over football decisions at this club.

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