Manchester United supporters angry with Antonio Valencia Instagram like fiasco

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United supporters have reacted angrily to the fiasco surrounding Antonio Valencia on Wednesday morning.

Valencia liked an Instagram post sent out by a fan page dedicated to the Ecuadorian which called for Jose Mourinho to be sacked by the club following Man United’s 0-0 draw with Spanish side Valencia.

He has since taken to social media to explain that he did not read the caption – originally written in Spanish – and apologised, insisting he was behind the manager.

Supporters have not reacted well. Some outright do not believe the excuse; others are angry at what is clearly a PR admin writing the tweet rather than Valencia himself; everybody sees the whole thing as embarrassing.

When it rains, it pours. And right now, there is an almighty storm going on at United. The football and results are so bad that the embarrassment and chaos is percolating into affairs off the pitch as well: the team coach being late; Paul Pogba‘s public remarks; Mourinho falling over at Wembley; Ed Woodward flogging whisky; that training ground dispute between Pogba and the manager.

Valencia’s gaffe – assuming it was a gaffe – is just the latest episode of what will be an ever-growing sequence of humiliating things for a club in turmoil.

Put simply: things are falling apart.

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