The full transcript of Paul Scholes ferocious rant on “embarrassing” Jose Mourinho

by Harry Robinson

Paul Scholes did not hold back in his criticism of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho on Tuesday night during BT Sport’s coverage of the Reds’ 0-0 draw against La Liga side Valencia.

The former-Man United midfielder was scathing of Mourinho, who he has never been overly enthusiastic about. Mourinho took over from Louis van Gaal in the summer of 2016 after a dull two seasons under the Dutchman.

The start to this season has been United’s worst ever in a Premier League campaign since the advent of the competition in 1992. Scholes has been critical of Mourinho in the past, and vice versa. But on Tuesday, he went the full way in on the Portuguese, describing him as “embarrassing”.

Here’s the full transcript:

“I think it’s a bad situation.

“I am sat here actually surprised he survived after Saturday, the performance was that bad.

“We’ll go on to show clips of attitude and performance, which was nowhere near [good enough].

“He’s coming out in press conferences and constantly having a go at players, he is having a go at people above him because he’s not getting what he wants.

“I think his mouth is probably out of control and I think he is embarrassing the club.”

Scholes was overly critical, many have said, of Mourinho and van Gaal in the past. However, his analysis this season of Mourinho and Paul Pogba at United has generally been spot on.

He has accurately placed blame on Mourinho for the poor run of results, while also attributing some of that blame to the players, whose attitude has been woeful at times.

Scholes’ comments on Mourinho grew in ferocity from Saturday afternoon, right after the West Ham game, and Tuesday evening, before the Valencia fixture. Perhaps he was told things during the week by players currently at United that made him even more certain that Mourinho is in the wrong.

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