Video: Manchester United fans angrily shout at players following 0-0 draw with Valencia

by Leo Nieboer

A video has emerged of Manchester United supporters in the Stretford End angrily shouting at Jose Mourinho and his players as they trudged off the pitch following Tuesday’s 0-0 draw with Valencia.

Man United fans from the same part of Old Trafford loudly chanted Mourinho’s name following his side’s 3-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur in August.

But defeats to Derby County and West Ham United, coupled with a pair of disappointing draws and a deepening level of toxicity in the dressing room, has turned United fans firmly against their manager.

This video, which emerged on Thursday morning, shows exactly how United fans are feeling about their club at the moment.

I do not believe this video accurately reflects the nature of United’s support in the Stretford End, which did not become vocally dissident towards either David Moyes or Louis van Gaal. That part of the stadium contains supporters who care deeply about the club but are not keen to have their fanbase seen as obsessed with constant managerial turnover or exhibiting public anger.

Even so, the anger contained in those shouts towards the team is genuine, and a gloomy indication of the ever-dampening mood surrounding this club at the moment.

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