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Jose Mourinho insists there are many reasons for Manchester United’s situation

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho adopted a monosyllabic tone during an earlier than usual press conference at Carrington ahead of Saturday’s clash with Newcastle United.

The 55-year-old was asked by the BBC‘s Simon Stone whether he was doing everything to turn the club’s situation around and responded with nothing more than an icy stare.

He faces enormous pressure to avoid going five games without a win as Manchester United manager – something which hasn’t happened since 1999.

Here is the initial exchange between Mourinho and a journalist at the start of today’s press conference, with the 55-year-old noting there were a number of reasons for United’s malaise but refusing to say what they are.

Reporter: “Good morning, I was going to ask you why we’re here so early but that seems like a waste of a question the way things are going at the moment. Why are things not working as you would like them to work here at Manchester United?”

Mourinho: “For many different reasons.”

“Can you tell us some of those reasons?”


The press conference today lasted a mere three minutes and 32 seconds – about as long as it takes to fry an egg – with Mourinho answering five of the six questions posed to him.

Mourinho could probably talk for a good hour about these “many different reasons” behind United’s poor form this season. But with Newcastle United the next day, his job on the line and a microscope firmly on everything happening at this club, Mourinho clearly knows that, as he once famously said, if he speaks, he ends up in “big, big trouble.”

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