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Michael Carrick explains his role on Manchester United coaching staff under Jose Mourinho

by Harry Robinson

Michael Carrick has explained his role as Manchester United coach under manager Jose Mourinho.

The Englishman moved into the club’s coaching staff after ending his playing career at the end of the last season. Carrick’s cool-headedness and football intelligence made it an obvious move for both him and Mourinho, who allowed him to act on the coaching staff for a few games at the end of last season in preparation for the switch.

Carrick was promoted to the coaching staff because of the departure of Rui Faria, Mourinho’s long-term assistant manager of 17 years who had served him at all of FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Man United.

To replace Faria, Mourinho brought in Carrick and Stefano Rapetti as well as promoting Kieran McKenna from his previous role as under-18s manager.

“I support the manager basically,” Carrick said, explaining his role to the In the Pink podcast.

“I get in about 8.15am to help plan the session for that day and plan ahead for the next game.

“Whatever the manager needs I’m there to support him. Obviously, I offer suggestions when it’s right but support is the biggest one, as well as learning.”

It’s a small but interesting insight into the current coaching set-up at United. Carrick and McKenna were seen celebrating massively with Mourinho when United scored from a set=piece routine, sparking suggestions that it was them as a pair who had come up with the idea. Mourinho later revealed it was.

It’s great to see two young coaches learning from Mourinho and contributing at United, but there is some concern that Faria has not been replaced as the intermediate man between Mourinho and his players as well as other coaches. Faria would be given ideas or concerns by players and coaches and relay them to Mourinho in a manner that wouldn’t offend the manager.

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