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Just who are Manchester United’s new potential owners?

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United could potentially start a new era in their history after reports emerged of interest in a takeover by Saudi Arabian royalty.

The club’s current owners are the Glazer family who have been at Old Trafford for a little over a decade.

However, there have been whispers that the Americans could be tempted to sell and have evaluated United at £4 billion.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman is said to be the interested party in investing in the club.

Little is known on the details of a possible takeover and fans aren’t sure on what to make of it all so check out the video below.

With Manchester City and PSG enjoying success after being taken over by ‘oil money’ so to speak, some supporters are excited over what this move can mean for the Red Devils.

Others have been a little reserved as they are concerned the club that is so dear to their hearts could be turned into what they despise in their rivals.

Nonetheless there’s no official news on the takeover as of yet but it’s likely matters would become clearer over the next few weeks.

In the meantime Manchester United take on Chelsea in the upcoming weekend after the conclusion of the international break.

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