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Wayne Rooney: Ferguson’s Manchester United sides weren’t just “attack, attack, attack”

by Harry Robinson

Wayne Rooney has criticised suggestions from fans, pundits and the media that Manchester United should constantly “attack, attack, attack.”

After the Reds’ recent epic 3-2 comeback against Newcastle United, many have pleaded with manager Jose Mourinho to commit to attacking more.

Man United score three times in the second half as they went all-out attack, and Mourinho has been constantly criticised across the football world for his defensive strategy at Old Trafford.

Even star midfielder Paul Pogba has urged Mourinho to “attack, attack, attack” when United play at home.

Rooney, though, who was Mourinho’s captain in the Portuguese coach’s first season at United which saw EFL Cup and UEFA Europa League glory, has backed his former-manager.

The Englishman has insisted that the old United sides under Sir Alex Ferguson were not necessarily all-out attack, as some have suggested.

“People talk about our team – especially in relation to United now – and say it was attack, attack, attack,” Rooney told Men In Blazers.

“But we actually weren’t. A lot of games we played on the counter attack, drew teams into us and then broke with pace. We did it to Arsenal.”

“It wasn’t all ‘let’s just go out and attack’ it was a bit more calculated against certain opponents which brought the best out of myself,” Rooney explained.

“We had the team built to hit teams on the break and we were devastating at it.”

However, United fans are right to complain about the style of play. Mourinho’s United side haven’t even counter attacked in the manner which is expected. There has to be more intent.

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