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Alan Shearer: Jose Mourinho halftime team talk worked vs Chelsea

by Marwan Harraz

Pundit Alan Shearer has suggest Jose Mourinho was responsible for Manchester United’s second half performance against Chelsea.

The Portuguese manager’s position at the club has been under threat for a while but it seems as though he will survive for now.

United had found themselves 1-0 down halftime but Anthony Martial almost singlehandedly dragged his side back into the match by scoring a brace.

Mourinho didn’t make any tactical tweaks at the break the players who came out seemed to be completely different to the ones who started and Shearer attributes the changes to the manager.

It appeared as though Martial won the game for the Red Devils until Ross Barkley equalised at the death to end the match as a draw.

According to the Express, Alan said on Match of the Day: “They never asked enough questions of the Chelsea back four in the opening 45 minutes.

“They never went in behind. Their runs weren’t there because their players simply weren’t running.

“But that all changed at half-time. Whatever Mourinho said to his team totally changed them.

“They were much more direct and their first thought was: ‘Can we go forward in the second half’.

“Balls were being played up to [Romelu] Lukaku who started holding it up, something he didn’t do for the whole first half.

“They put balls into the box and got bodies into the box too. Five of them were in there for Martial’s first goal.

“They began to run in behind, look forward and ask different questions of [Antonio] Rudiger and David Luiz who had it so easy in the first half.”

While the win against Newcastle was partly down to tactics and partly down to the players changing their attitudes, the draw against Chelsea was definitely different.

It was obvious that it all came down to a confidence issue as it was only when Anthony scored his first that the team were brought to life.

Before that United appeared to be scared to take risks whether on the ball or off it and it costed them the first half.

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