Manchester United fans disheartened by team performance vs Juventus

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans were disheartened by their team’s performance vs Juventus in the Champions League, particularly in the first half.

Jose Mourinho‘s men quiet in the first 45 minutes of the clash and hardly offered anything going forward.

None of the United players appeared willing to take a risk yet at the same time couldn’t do anything simple either.

Supporters were once again forced to endure a disappointing first half performance similar to the ones witnessed against Newcastle and Chelsea.

Juventus were a different class however and they proved to be far more difficult than the previous two opponents.

The Red Devils could only maintain around 30% possession at home for the first half of the clash which was embarrassing enough in and of itself.

The Italian giant’s consistently kept the ball well, controlling the game and moving Mourinho’s men around willingly.

Manchester United’s lack of experience in general didn’t help but more specifically there weren’t too many who knew the European competition inside out.

In the second half there was a bit more fight from the players but fans are becoming increasingly frustrated with how the team seemingly needs to start losing before putting in any effort.

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