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Maurizio Sarri insists coach who taunted Jose Mourinho ‘realised he was wrong’

by Leo Nieboer

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has stressed that Marco Ianni, the coach who taunted Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge, ‘realised he was wrong’ and will learn from his mistakes.

The Italian had celebrated wildly and deliberately provocatively in front of the Manchester United manager after Ross Barkley had scored an injury time equaliser at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho leapt out of his seat, his eyes contorted with wage, and a scrap ensued which spilled out onto the pitch between the two sides.

Sarri, speaking earlier this week, stressed that Ianni had learned from his mistakes and that he would not repeat them under his watch.

“First of all as I said after the match, we were wrong,” he said. “I was there when Marco spoke to Mr Mourinho. He said sorry immediately, and it was really very important I think that he realised he was wrong.

“And so I think that I want to give him another opportunity. Because I know very well the man, I know very well that he was really sorry. And he realised the mistake, everybody I think can make a mistake. But you need to learn from the mistake and so I think he will be able to do this. I know very well the man, so I am sure.

“For the FA I don’t know, I haven’t experienced that here. I don’t know the consequences, but we were wrong so we have to accept the consequences.”

Mourinho dismissed the idea of Ianni losing his position under Sarri, noting that he did similar things at a younger age. He made a point of noting that once Ianni had apologised, the matter was no longer a problem.

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