Eric Cantona criticises Manchester United’s style of play under Jose Mourinho

by Harry Robinson

Eric Cantona has slammed the style of play at Manchester United under manager Jose Mourinho.

The former striker is one of the most loved men related to Man United after his years at the club where it was impossible to avoid falling in love with his unerring charisma and brilliance on the football pitch.

Cantona believes that Mourinho sets his United side up in the wrong way and that the football being played by Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City shows that clearly.

The Frenchman described himself as ‘suffering’ when he watches his former-side, who he left in 1997 as he retired from football to pursue other careers.

“It’s the way you play,” said Cantona, speaking at an event. His words were relayed by The Republik of Mancunia.

“You can lose games but you take risks. You lose against Juventus and they have 70% possession of the ball at Old Trafford. Could you imagine that with Ferguson on the bench?”

It wasn’t one of United’s worse performances of the season, but Tuesday night’s 1-0 loss to Juventus highlighted just how far off the Reds are from Europe’s elite. Juventus were a well-oiled machine where every player knew their role. United were the opposite, as they have been all season.

“I suffer and I suffer even more when I see [Manchester City] play so wonderfully,” Cantona said.

“I think kids needs to have an example. They need great players, great movements, creative football to identify themselves to a player or a team. And I think they are now losing a generation of young players.

“These young players identify themselves to the way City play. Can we accept that? No.”

It’s not just young players who idolise City rather than United, it’s also young fans in Manchester who are becoming Blues rather than Reds.

It’s a depressing state of affairs and one that is unlikely to be fixed simply with the sacking of manager Mourinho.

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